Kids can write too! Use this simple and easy strategy

The essay writing strategy for kids is as easy as 1,2,3………

Writing about something is not an easy job at all and when this job is given to kids it becomes the most difficult part of their life. There are ways by which one can become a writing master, although they are not much easier but still they can guide you through the thick and thins of the writing process.

Kids can be taught how to write creatively and in an inspiring manner. By learning this strategy they can develop structured content which makes the essay writing process much easier. They can also break up the task into minute parts and tackle them one at a single time. When the introduction is written in a compelling manner, then it can help to develop the writing in a clear and concise manner because the writer and the reader both get the main idea and points on which to write. Here is a simple strategy which can help kids to write by themselves on various topics.

Paragraph 1: This paragraph usually consists of the introduction and it gives the reader a notion about what he/she will attain after going through the following paragraphs. Make it certain to touch each and every topic which can become the part of the paper. Write in the order in which the whole paper is written. This paragraph is actually an overview of the entire topic under discussion.

Paragraphs 2 to 4: There are no rules to be followed in these paragraphs, but there must be logical considerations in between them. For example, if you are writing on the dog training topic in 5 steps, then do not mention the initial 3 in only one paragraph and your own views in the concluding part. Instead, write every point separately and support it with evidences and examples.

Paragraph 5: This is the concluding part of the paper and restating the paragraph 1 and writing a concise outline of the paragraphs mentioned above, you can develop a rational sequence in the last paragraph.  The conclusion should be written with an impressive statement and there should not be any loose ends left in this paragraph.

Tips: The introductions and conclusions should not be more than one paragraph. Educate your kid to write on those topics which he or she likes the best and it will become much easier for your chi

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