How to become a good researcher? A guide for beginners!

The word ‘good’ can be aligned to a number of properties when it comes to research. However, there are certain core competencies which are needed to become a good researcher. Here are some of them:

  • An investigative mentality: There are various factors which are to be analyzed for a particular research question. There must also be an appropriate methodology and a list of questions which are related to how and why. The researcher must analyze the situations from various angles on a daily basis and answer different questions which arise from them. The researcher must also consider the bigger picture of the research problem under consideration.
  • Try to communicate with others: This is highly important for a researcher to have good communication skills. This will help him to work in a professional manner and develop friendly relations with the subjects under consideration. The data can be collected easily via interview and focus group discussions through good communication skills.
  • The ability to be patient during the research process: The research process is itself much stressful and it becomes more hectic when there are pressing deadlines and some problems are hindering the process of research. Whenever these situations arise, the researcher must remain calm and be focused along with logical thinking. For everything there is an end!
  • Intelligence: Research process demands critically analyzing the things, but above all there must be common sense.
  • Inquisitiveness: A researcher might have the intelligence level, but if there is not enough curiosity than there is not enough passion about gaining insight into the topic. The role of a good researcher is to find out the facts so that they can be delivered to people, so the noisier the researcher gets about the topic the more information is gathered.
  • Swift thinker: Things always do not remain in the same way as planned because time runs fast. So the researcher must always be able to reflect on things fast.
  • Be committed: It is always a tough job to do research, especially if it is for the college project because the hours seem to be long, but the deadlines given are short.
  • Outstanding written and oral communication abilities: The researcher must be able to write clearly and in understandable language the findings of the research. This will help to gather more than one type of audience.
  • Considerate: While doing research, there must be some moans and groans which can be heard from the respondents. Have a sympathetic ear towards them to help to produce good results in the research process.

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