Four reasons why creativity needs boundaries to thrive

A general misconception that is prevalent in our society is that creativity cannot thrive when boundaries are present. A counter argument to this belief also exists that argues the point that placing proper boundaries and limits can help boost creativity in individuals.
An important point that needs to be discussed here is that boundaries are just not meant to stifle creativity rather they can enhance creativity. For example, today’s culture will drive most students into the ground. The demands and pressure placed upon all the students to perform and be the best continue to grow. Work creeps into personal time and disrupts down time. Students are motivated by stress and this is becoming more apparent. In such a situation, the essence of boundaries is very apparent. A vacation or a short break can help enhance creativity as a burned out student cannot be creative.
Students commonly are worried when they are given an assignment that has defined boundaries. Following are four reasons that counter this fact and explain that creativity thrives on boundaries:
• If there are no boundaries, there will be no resistance that forces you to think out of the box. It is human nature to resist boundaries; this resistance forces the individual to conquer his fears.
• If there are no boundaries, students will never experiment. They will get stuck with one way of thinking and never try experimenting with new avenues of solving problems.
• If there are no boundaries, students will never learn the art of improvisation and creating something from nothing.
• If there are no boundaries, the students will never try to improve themselves. They will never indulge in thinking about new creative solutions.
If you are feeling that you are stuck and cannot be creative enough, then try this simple trick: set boundaries for yourself and dive deep within them. Do not be afraid and once in a while, try to set rules and limitations for yourself and see what happens. It does not matter whether boundaries are created by an external factor or by you; placing boundaries and limitations is often the vehicle that helps imagination to reign free.
Also, remember that all individuals are not the same. Some people thrive on pressure and stress while others need a relaxed environment to work; some thrive in chaos while others in a calm and orderly environment. You need to determine which kind of environment suits you best to thrive and be successful and then set boundaries for yourself that can enhance your creative process.

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